Cooking for the Sensitive Gut


Book coverCooking for the Sensitive Gut was published on January 14th 2016 by Pavilion Books. It features delicious soothing recipes for everyday. Reviews below….

About one in five of the population are intolerant to the food that they eat. Most have sensitivities to a range of different foods, making preparing food a nightmare, and sitting down to a meal can be torture. What can you eat without getting ill or running the risk of nutritional deficiency? What can you cook for your family and friends?
Cooking for the Sensitive Gut is the perfect guide to how you can restrict the ingredients that cause you problems and still prepare a whole range of recipes that are simple and fun to cook and delicious to eat. From fresh and healthy breakfasts, to wholesome mains, even delicious desserts and snacks are not out of bounds. Straightforward and authoritative advice from a gastroenterologist and nutritionist means it’s never been so easy to learn how to treat your tummy well. Order  your copy of Cooking for the Sensitive Gut here  at Amazon


Eating is one of the great personal and social pleasures of life. Restricting food choice can severely compromise such enjoyment and nutritional adequacy. Joan Ransley and Nick Read clearly outline the tools needed to effectively and safely control symptoms of IBS [when the gut is sensitive] by choosing food wisely, but show how this can be done without losing the sheer fun and pleasure of eating. For those who think diets for IBS are boring, look no further!

Professor Peter Gibson, Director of Gastroenterology at Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. 

Cooking For The Sensitive Gut is more than just a compendium of recipes for people with irritable bowel syndrome. It contains a detailed review of irritable bowel syndrome, including an explanation of why people develop a sensitive gut, the components in food that might exacerbate symptoms and importantly non-food related causes of symptoms such as stress and mood. Together with the review of the potential for diet to benefit gut symptoms and a series of delicious recipes, the book provides a realistic portrayal of the multifaceted causes of a sensitive gut and the potential harm that can come from overly restricted diets. However, what is unique is that this overview is referenced to scientific research studies, unsurprising given that the authors are themselves experts in nutrition and gut function. Cooking For The Sensitive Gut should empower people to manage symptoms of a sensitive gut whilst still following a varied and tasty diet.

Kevin Whelan, Professor of Dietetics, King’s College London

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Format: Hardcover

Love it! This is a beautifully presented book, with many easy to follow, fairly simple, recipes which shouldn’t stretch even the most challenged cook. The rather more adventurous are also catered for, with some slightly more advanced meals featured, although none of the recipes are difficult.

The introduction is full of well written, easy to understand, information on the problems of a sensitive gut. This may be well trodden ground for those who have lived with, and understood, their condition for many years; but could be invaluable for those who are newly diagnosed, or simply seeking answers to their problems.

I was given this book as a really thoughtful gift.

Highly recommended.

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